AB Transitio ECM certified!

AB Transitio has been certified as Entity in charge of maintenance, ECM, and is now certified for the Maintenance Development function (F2).

The certification means that AB Transitio's operations comply with ECM Regulation 2019/779 regarding requirements for the Maintenance Development function and will be reviewed by the certification body annually to ensure or follow up that the requirements are complied with.We will now take on that role for AB Transitio's own rail vehicles and for some of our owners' rail vehicles.

During the spring, a number of AB Transitio's employees worked hard to be able to complete the certification, and Nils Holmlund, who is responsible for the certification within AB Transitio, would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved and contributed to us now receiving the certificate. . The work now continues with implementing all processes and routines in our daily work and in the collaboration with our owners / tenants.

The actual emblem for the certification adorns our website here from today www.transitio.se