Both the X11 and X14 are comprised of two-car units. Each car unit on the X11 and X14 has four doors per car unit. The X11 and X14 use a mixed braking system combining electric and mechanical brakes.


The X11s are primarily used within the Krösatåg partnership and in Norrtåg’s transport system. X14s are used by Tåg i Bergslagen on the Ludvika-Västerås line. The X11s have been refurbished with a completely new interior and exterior colour scheme. Amongst other things, they now have video surveillance systems, passenger information systems, energy consumption monitors, 220V sockets in most seats, new energy-saving interior lighting, new toilet facilities adapted for people with reduced mobility, new seats in the passenger compartments (2+2 seating), new driver seats, introduction of a train master compartment, new wall coverings, blinds in the saloon carriage windows, new bike racks, luggage racks and mobile phone repeaters installed.


X11 25 st, 
X14 5 st 




49,9 m

Maximum speed

X11 140 Km/h
X14 160 Km/h

Passenger capacity

X11 139 seated
X14 131 seated



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