AB Transitio’s mission

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The reference documents below are referred to in AB Transitio’s Maintenance appendix U1.

The reference documents are to be seen as a complement to Maintenance appendix U1 and, as an example, should provide a more detailed description of how the joint work will be performed.

Reference documents for U1

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Reference documents for U1

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AB Transitio


As of September 27th 2023 AB Transitio has obtained a rating of AA- with a stable outlook from Nordic Credit Rating. The rating reflects the strong financial and commercial connection to Swedens Regions as owners and customers to the company. 

Transitio procures, finances and leases out rail vehicles on behalf of and with guaranties from the owners. The company was established and started its business in the year 2000. The fleet consists of around 190 vehicles in regional traffic in all parts of Sweden.

AB Transitio’s mission

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