Contessa mostly operates in the Öresund region and is a very spacious and accessible train. Wide doors, rapid acceleration and a high maximum speed contribute to short journey times.


The first Contessa trains were delivered to SJ and DSB in 2000. They were ordered in preparation for the opening of the Øresund Fixed Link in July 2000 for use on the Malmö-Copenhagen line. It was later introduced for use in other locations in the region and in January 2002, it also started being used further into Sweden. Contessa is a three-car electric multiple-unit train with powered end cars, seating a total of 229 passengers (227 after refurbishments). Rapid acceleration and a high maximum speed contribute to short journey times. The train’s wide doors also make for shorter journey times, as station stops can be kept short. The central car’s low floor facilitates embarking and disembarking for passengers with reduced mobility and passengers with bulky luggage. Each train unit is equipped with the Flex Front System, which provides a wide corridor between the units in multiple-unit trains. Up to five train units can be combined to form a multiple-unit train. Contessa has been designed for a minimum impact on the environment through low energy consumption and a careful choice of production methods and materials. Over 90% of the train is recyclable.


24 st




78,9 m

Maximum speed

180 Km/h

Passenger capacity

230 seated



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